Guru Spotlight: Billy

The MakerLab Gurus are an integral part of the lab, helping with day to day functions, completing orders, and running workshops. We've decided to showcase some of the personal projects that our Guru's are able to work on in their spare time. In this post, we will be looking at designs printed by our Guru, Billy.  

Picture1First of all, for any fans of the Star Wars Universe, I have created a 5-piece replica (with my own iteration on coloring) of Obi-Wan-Kenobi’s lightsaber. Each piece took approximately 2-3 hours, which fluctuated with the level of detail. This is seen in the third and fourth Star Wars movies and was designed by thingiverse member falken76.


Picture2If you or anyone you know has an interest in aviation or commercial flight, then this model of the Embrayer ERJ 145. This design took about 5-6 hours and took a little bit of work to remove supports. However, this design by navy876 turned out very well and is a fantastic example of a scaled model that can be used for prototyping and design ideas.


Picture3With the new movie Star Trek: Beyond coming out, I HAD to create a model of the series’ flagship. This model of the USS Enterprise is comprised of 13 different pieces that each snap together to create this awesome model. A design by RealAbsurdity on thingiverse, this model is sure to be a phenomenal creation for any Star Trek fans.




Next up is a Halo-inspired piece. This quite small version of a covenant carrier was an interesting spin of video-game themed objects. This design uploaded by Anthalas9 on thingiverse was a game-accurate replica of this object from in-game. Took about 12 hours on a higher detail.



Anyone who has ever played Call of Duty: Zombies would recognize this Ray Gun from the game. One of the weapons of power can now be printed due to the 14-piece design by MrBlizzard. This can be made even better by adding details such as LED’s and switches. After about a day and a half’s worth of printing, this design came out really well and is an iconic item from the game.



This final design is a different, and very large replica of a Halo universe weapon. Dubbed the “covenant carbine” this was a phenomenal design by Daniel Schunemann on MyMiniFactory. It consists of 22 pieces and took roughly a week of dedicated printing to crank this masterpiece out. Each piece was designed to fit together and with a bit of work, this model came together and looks just like the in-game version! (I think)