10 Reasons to have a birthday party at the MakerLab

  1. It's educational - Learn about 3D printing and 3D Scanning
  2. Each participant gets to take home their own 3D printed object
  3. Great for all ages and skill levels
  4. Workshop is lead by our experienced lab guru's
  5. Breakout time saved for cake and ice cream (not provided)
  6. Birthday boy/girl gets a 3d printed bust to take home
  7.  Learn how to design and print from TinkerCad
  8.  Interact and play with all 3D printed objects around the lab
  9.  Receive a free MakerLab keychain
  10. Have the best birthday party ever!Please note:
    • Participants must be aged 7 years or older in order to participate in a MakerLab birthday party
    • We need at least one adult to stay with the group during the party.
    • We can accommodate up to 15 individuals for a birthday party. Parents can participate too as workshop members.
    • We provide time for food and presents while in the lab.

Happy belated birthday to Andrew!!! Andrew and his friends celebrated with us in the MakerLab ! Check out the fun photos below. Find out more or drop us a line to reserve a spot on weekends.