Meet the Maker: I-Ning Chen

Free prints on Wednesdays

Free? Did someone say free? Did you know that on Wednesdays in the MakerLab any prints under 1 hour are completely free?

One maker, I-Ning Chen, did.

I-Ning is a student at Illinois obtaining her Master of Science in Technology Management. She fell in love with 3D printing after attending one of our workshops. Since then, she has tried to stop by the MakerLab every Wednesday to print something new. Why Wednesday? Because on Wednesdays any print under 1 hour is free! And who doesn't like free stuff? This is just some of what I-Ning has printed for free on Wednesdays! Be sure to hover over the images to see what I-Ning has to say about 3D printing.


You can make cool prints like our #makeroftheweek I-Ning Chen, just stop by anytime on Wednesdays between 1-4pm. And remember, prints under 1 hour are free!!!

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