This Week of Making- Week47

Update on Max (our 3D printed man):

On Wednesday, November 9th we took all 88 printed pieces on Max and assembled him! It took about 3 hours to fully build the 6'1" replica.

Deloitte Chairman:

We had the honor of showing Deloitte Chairman Mike Fucci around the MakerLab.

Food Printer:

We now have our food printer up and running. We can now print using Nutella! Shout out to our guru, Billy, for getting it operational.

This Week's Prints:

We had a lot of interesting prints in the lab over the past week. The prints ranged from a geodesic dome being printed by an architecture student to a trumpet mouth piece being printed by a Marching Illini to a birthday card! The birthday card was printed using dual colors on our newest addition to the lab, the Ultimaker 3! Check out the video of the trumpet player playing our fight song with his 3D printed mouthpiece.


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