Meet the Maker- Adrian Radocea


The MakerLab was proud to show off some 3D printing at Engineering Open House(EOH) this year! EOH is a two day event every year in the spring semester were every single engineering RSO sets up a table and shows off their skills to high school and middle school students. This year we had multiple groups come in to 3D print objects to use as demonstrations for their tables. One such student was, Adrian Radocea. Adrian is currently earning his PHD here at Illinois. His group needed a demo model to show how they use a specific type of microscope. His design models what the tool looks like and how it is used in the researching lab. His 3D printed model makes it easy to show students what their RSO does on campus. And the best part? Adrian did this all through our online ordering system! He simply uploaded his STL files onto 3D hubs and the next day he had a perfect demo to show off at EOH. Watch the video below to learn more about his #designstory at the MakerLab.