Volunteer Spotlight- Jean Pabon

The MakerLab volunteers are a really important part of the lab. They help day to day welcoming makers, assisting with workshops and fixing printers. Today, we will introduce you to one of our volunteers, Jean Pabon!


Jean is a junior here at Illinois studying Management in the Gies College of Business and has been an essential part of the MakerLab since he joined! Jean’s favorite part of the MakerLab is working with other people to help them better understand what the lab has to offer and what 3D printing is all about! The project Jean is most invested in goes hand in hand with his favorite part about the lab. Jean is the lead on our video creation. His responsibilities entail gathering different footage of what’s going on in the lab. From objects printing, to workshops, to finished prints, Jean is gathering it all to start making videos for our social media! In fact, Jean produced the video that we submitted for the InfyMakers and won! Below are some pictures that Jean plans on featuring in his next video! Jean loves sharing his passion for 3D printing as he thinks it’s great that the Illinois MakerLab is one of the few spots on campus that allows people to have access to such a unique technology. He knows that 3D printing is revolutionizing the world and with the MakerLab people can easily be a part of that revolution.

The best thing the Makerlab has to offer is its versatility. People can use the lab for all sorts of things. If someone wants a unique keychain, a personalized gift, or is trying to design some form of art piece, or trying to test something for research, the lab can fulfill all those needs.

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