MakerLab Featured in Emerging Tech. Report

The new Illinois Emerging Technology Report (created by Jamie Nelson) prominently features the MakerLab as an exemplar of the emerging Maker Movement on the University of Illinois campus. According to this report, "The University of Illinois and surrounding community have embraced, and is at the forefront of, the Maker Movement."This report includes a set of videos in which Executive Director, Aric Rindfleisch describes our Lab's history and purpose, our educational offerings, and our outreach mission. In addition to highlighting our Lab, this report also references two of our makerspace partners, the Champaign-Urbana Community FabLab and the Makerspace Urbana. As noted in this report, our Lab "contains the highest number of 3D printers available in one place on campus and is open to the university and community alike." Indeed, our Lab is open not just for Illinois students, staff, and faculty, but also to all members of our community. So, if you would like to find out more about the Maker Movement, please feel free to stop by. emerging_tech_report_logo02

Illinois Ranked in Top 5 3D Printing Universities


An article recently posted in Inside 3D Printing recognizes the Illinois MakerLab as one of the Top 5 3D Printing facilities in a US University. This article notes that the MakerLab is "the world's fist Business School 3D Printing Lab." The other universities in this list include Alabama, Cornell, Indiana, and Michigan.

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MakerLab featured in College of Business Video

We have been featured in a video created by the College of Business communications team, which is to be advertised to all prospective students and other audiences who engage with us. This clearly shows the importance that the college places in initiatives which allow us to offer a world class education to our students, who can now explore the implications of this new technology in their careers while "Learning by Making".

MakerLab Featured on TV (Once Again)

The MakerLab was featured in a news report about the Maker Movement that recently aired on WAND (Channel 17, NBC) TV. This report features Executive Director, Aric Rindfleisch and Guru, Danny Lohan. As noted in this report, our lab is at the forefront of the new manufacturing economy, and has garnered significant media coverage as a result. The lab is open to students, faculty and the CU community. [youtube=]

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MakerLab Featured in USA Today

The MakerLab was recently featured in a story in USA Today titled, "Universities Create 3D Printing Spaces but at Unequal Paces." This story identified the University of Illinois as a leader in the growing movement to establish 3D printing spaces on college campuses. As noted in this story, 3D printing provides a unique and valuable learning experience for college students and is quickly becoming an important factor in prospective students' search for the right college to attend. According to the story's author, Nenad Tadic, who is currently a student at Emory University, "Schools that don't offer the latest in 3D printing advancement — could be dismissed by prospective college students and parents." In addition to providing students access to a dozen 3D printers and two 3D scanners, the MakerLab also offers a number of educational initiatives, ranging from short tutorials on various 3D modeling software programs to a full semester class (Making Things) in which teams of students conceptualize, design, prototype, manufacture, and market a 3D printed object. Thus, the MakerLab is yet one more reason for prospective students to select the University of Illinois for their college education. usatoday


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