The Illinois MakerLab offers 3 different courses:

Here is a summary of our online courses.

The University of Illinois as a whole has been an innovator in the Massive Open Online Education space, with several courses on 'tap' or on demand 24x7. If we go slightly smaller, the College of Business at Illinois has launched the Online MBA as well as a course in Digital Marketing. The first course in this series, "Marketing in a Digital World," was ranked in the top 10 courses on Coursera for 2015.

Now on to us...

We have launched our own program consisting of 4 different courses exploring all aspects of 3D printing! A short description of each course is listed below. To learn more about our online program or how to sign up please visit

1) 3D Printing Revolution

Students will learn the basics of 3D printing by learning how the 3D printers work on a fundamental level. Students will be able to explorer the ideas and objects that you can create with a 3D printer. The latter part of this course focused on the future and how 3D printing will revolutionize our world.

Taught by: MakerLab co-founder and Executive Director Aric Rindfleisch

2) 3D Printing Applications

Learn how 3D printing is affecting the business world and how individuals are using 3D printing to solve everyday problems. This course will focus on the special capabilities that a 3D printer possess such as the ability to customize a print or printing complicated items.

Taught by: MakerLab co-founder and Directer Vishal Sachdev

3) 3D Printing Software*

Using various software programs, students will be able to turn digitally created designs into physical objects. This course will also teach the basics of scanners and the process of turning physical objects into digital designs that can then be printed. Students will learn Sketchbook, Tinkercad, and Fusion 360.

Taught by: Autodesk employee Jeff Smith

*Special thanks to Autodesk for providing us with the software to teach this course.

4) 3D Printing Hardware*(to be launched)

This course explores how 3D printers are made and teaches students what they need to know in case they need to repair a 3D Printer. Later, students will examine the different printing materials that can be used and the appropriate times to use them.

Taught by: Ultimaker employee Matt Griffin

*Special thanks to Ultimaker for partnering with us on this course.

At the completelion of all 4 courses, students will apply their learning to 'make' something digital through a capstone project.  We are building this innovative corporate/academic partnership to deliver an online course, that also allows users to bring their ideas to life as physical objects. If you wish to learn more visit